18 million euros Wastewater Treatment Plant opened in Kütahya

Kütahya Municipality 18 million euros Wastewater Treatment Plant, Environment and Urbanism Minister Özhaseki’nin attended by the ceremony was presented. Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism, who attended the opening of the wastewater treatment plant, which was built by the municipality in the town of Tavsanli of Kütahya, said that municipality is a scientific branch and that it is not easy for everybody to be a municipality.

Zero Waste Project has started

During the AK Party’s ruling period, Özhaseki said that they made big investments related to the environment and said they started “Zero Waste” project as ministry. 18 million euros Wastewater Treatment Plant opened in Kütahya.

It appeals 87 percent

Özhaseki “15 years ago, the wastewater treatment plant addressed 35% of our total population, now it appeals to 87% of the population, almost no solid wastes, even in Istanbul, I saw widespread rubbish mountains in Sirkeci during the CHP period. We have witnessed that 40 people have been killed by the explosion of the garbage mountain and now we are storing 67% of the solid wastes in a regular manner We have started a new project as a ministry Zero Waste Project I hope that we will succeed in this world We will be the only one in the world We have this project in our ministry for ten months For ten months, my ministry has not been through a garbage truck. ” said.

18% Value-added tax (VAT) will not be paid

Özhaseki pointed out that the municipality is profitable with the law giving the staff to the subcontractor workers, “I prepared the contract of the subcontractor in accordance with the demand of the President of the Republic after the election of the deputy and then I tried to explain that the subcontractors are a modern slavery system that can not be continued. I also tried to find a way to protect the rights of my colleagues and my municipalities were paying 18 percent VAT when they bought services from the outside” he said.

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