18 Billion Investment in Electricity Distribution

Energy Minister Berat Albayrak made a decision to speed up the investments of the sector representatives after the sector meeting held with the electricity distribution companies in Istanbul, and the investment amount of 18 billion acted to pass on the dream in a short time. Serhat Çeçen, Chairman of the Electricity Distribution Services Association (ELDER), said, "We are in an effort and organization to complete the investment in a period of 2-2.5 years rather than spreading it to 4-5 years" for the investment target of 18 billion TL for the next 5 years. Serhat Çeçen, a group of journalists gathered at a meeting with the energy ministers evaluated the results of the sector summit.


Serhat Çeçen said that they planned to catch up with the target of 80 percent customer satisfaction determined by the energy minister and said "We aim to keep the investment sizes up to 2020 and to have a large part of our capital recovered". Serhat Çeçen, explaining that they made a lot of efforts to increase customer satisfaction, said "The regions where the level of satisfaction is the lowest are illicit intense fighting struggles". Serhat Çeçen stated that they are aiming to increase the weight of investments on the network as of 2019.


Serhat Çeçen stated that network investments will be considered as the first priority in line with the vision of "Citizen satisfaction".

Serhat Çeçen said that the investment of the network is the most important factor that increases customer satisfaction and that "As the investments increase, the interruptions are decreasing and it is another important goal that the companies need to reach the companies faster and easier.The consumers are not only in call centers but also on the internet sites, mobile applications and social media Electricity distribution companies, "he said.

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