15 Thousand Lira Grant from the State

The state is helping the married people and to people getting home for the first time. Those investing for at least 3 years can benefit from state contribution. The state adds 5 thousand liras to the dowry account and contributes up to 15 thousand liras to the housing account. The spouses can receive grants of up to 40 thousand liras by taking advantage of this one by one.


The state pays up to 20 percent of your savings on the date of buying the house for those who open a 'housing account' and pay this account regularly for at least 3 years. The peak price in the state contribution is 15 thousand TL. This account is opened in the form of deposits or participation funds in lira on the domestic branches of the banks. Payments are made monthly or quarterly. The monthly limit is 250 TL and the upper limit is 2500 TL.

Families or survivors have the right to open housing accounts on behalf of minors under 18 years of age. For a one-off home account, an amount exceeding the upper limit during the opening period can be paid if requested, and this figure can not exceed 30 thousand liras. In the 5th year, people who accumulate 75 thousand TL receive 15 thousand TL from the state. When the contribution is calculated, the accumulation in the housing purchase period is taken as basis.


Citizens in marriage preparation open a deposit account or 'participation fund' (interest-free) account in the banks. A deal is being made with the bank when the dowry account is opened. The dowry account can only be opened in the name of a person and in lira. For those under 18, they are opening a dowry account for their parents or their heirs. Those who have a dowry account have to deposit 100-1000 pounds regularly to the bank each month.

Participants are able to deposit up to 15 thousand TL, provided that they are once opened when opening the account. In order to benefit from the dowry contribution, the account must be paid regularly at least 3 years before the date of marriage. In addition, your marriage must be done before you are 27 years old.

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