15 islands you may own

The new favorite of the rich people is to live on an island. Businessmen and businesswomen, who want to live a quiet life out of public gaze, buy an island and dream of living there. We have compiled the islands for you that can be bought on earth.

Dream islands and their prices

Although the prices of the islands are jaw dropping, it seems to be evaluable in terms of promising a quiet life.


Ginger Island: On 258 acres of land connected to the British Virgin Islands.

Jewel Caye: The 2-acre Jewel Caye in Belize is sold for $ 3.15 million. The island with clear waters and virgin nature is waiting to be bought.

Macau Island: The island in the South Pacific is worth $ 2.85 million.

Isla Paloma: Isla Paloma is located in the north of Panama, with a quarter of acres and a 2-bedroom house worth 400,000 dollars.

Buck Island: A 44-acre island near Tortola, white beaches, seven-room central house and surrounding cottages are waiting to be purchased.

Dubai islands: The small islands, located on the shores of Dubai, are ideal for building hotels or private villas. The price of buying a small island from here is $ 16 million.

Mowgli Island: The value of the island in British Columbia is worth $ 3.16 million.

Pumpkin Key: There are 3 roomed house, tennis court and golf course. The price of the island is $ 110 million.

Ontario's West Nias Islands: The price of rock islands, including guest houses and solar systems, is $ 2.23 million.

White Island: The island in the north of Grenada is worth $ 5.5 million.

Johnny's Cay: The island in the Bahamas is $ 5.99 million.

Daydream Island: The island in Australia has a 296-room hotel, marina, and spa. The price is $ 4 million.

Petra Island: It's 15 minutes from New York City by helicopter.

Ontario's Belle Lune Island: The price of the island is $ 1.64 million.

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