10 Pints Of Plot Investment

Plot investment is a matter that people start to think about after getting rid of the rental house. We will remind you in this direction. Once you have bought your first home, pluck your arms to make a safe and cheerful investment in the long haul. The amount in your investment is not important. Our goal is not to be disappointed with your result. That's why we have prepared a list that you should keep in mind that we are handling 10 tricks of plot investment.


1) Follow the big projects

There are major construction projects throughout Turkey. When you decide to buy plot, start investigating these projects. Follow the road, housing, mall or office projects. Focus on buying from these regions while buying plot.

2) Learn the plot types

You should consider the physical characteristics of the plot. You should evaluate properties such as being flat or inclined, corner or intermediate parcels. You should also investigate which type of plot you are interested in. For example, residential area, commercial area, industrial area, etc.

3) Land or plot?

Do not buy land because you think it is a plot. Be clear about what you are getting. Plot; which is recorded in the current title deed record of the landed immovable. Every plot is land, but the opposite is not possible. Some lands can be plot by changing status in the future. For example, a land designated as a residential area can reach the plot status by giving a zoning permit. It is useful to pay attention to these distinctions and make your investment knowing what you are getting.

4) Legal issues is important

Once you have chosen your region, do not concentrate on a single plot within this region. Evaluate many plot in the region both from the legal side and from the price side. The parcel inquiry application of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre will help you for this. Stay away from forest land. Question the existence of the title deed and learn legal issues. Do not initiate purchases without confirming this information from your local municipality.

5) Set your investment target

Position your goals correctly, knowing that you will receive a return on plot investment in a minimum of ten years. If you need to invest in a short period of time, for example a return of less than 5 years, you should either invest your plot investment at the end of the list or head for a business or residential area.

6) Do you have time to wait?

If you are looking for a long time to invest in a plot investment, find the cheapest plot for sale in new developing regions. Remember that the long wait is great.

7) Specify your region correctly

Avoid industrial zones when determining your area. Identify the boundary points that cities tend to expand. Try to avoid migrating, new developing areas and close the main roads.

8) Check title deed

You should investigate all legal aspects of your purchase. You must have legally documented agreements in matters such as susceptible title deeds that can create problems. You must also make sure that the plot shown and the title belong to the same property. As you can do this yourself, you can get help from the licensed map cadastre engineering departments.

9) Always check your zoning plans

After you buy plot, your follow-up with the plot does not end. You should regularly follow the zoning plans as long as you have the plot in your hands. For example, you can stay in public areas within an urban development plan, or you can combine them with different parcels.

10) When should I sell?

If you wait for as long as you can, you might think it's time to sell yours. You have to evaluate the area where you are in the sales stage and you should highlight the features that you pay attention to when buying a plot. For example, if you have an advanced area, as you would expect, close to major roads and housing projects, and if plot sales in the region are moving, you are well on your way. You can wait for the right time and sell the plot.

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