10 Million TL Investment From Can Holding To R&D

Can Holding's Energy Oil Company invested TL 10 million in R&D work in 2016. The company, which received the investment of 15 million dollars in mineral oil exports, increased its targets in 2017. "We will increase the R&D budget for further exports and develop innovative products," said Mehmet Can, President of the Energy Group.

Energy Oil has increased gears in lubricant production and exports. The company, which closed 2016 with $ 15 million mineral oil exports, has raised its 2017 export target to $ 25 million. Energy Petrol, which focuses on R&D work and has invested TL 10 million in this area, has leaned its arms for innovative products.


"We are investing in technology and innovation for more exports"

Can Holding Energy Group Chairman Mehmet Can said that export products are mainly composed of motor oils within the automotive group. "We see R&D investment as an investment in ourselves and our country. For more exports, we work with our resources to contribute to the country's current account deficit problem. We export to Africa, Turkish Republics and Middle East countries. We raised our targets. We aim to export $ 25 million this year. It is impossible for us to reach this goal without R&D. We are producing and storing 50 thousand tons of mineral oil per year in an area of ​​8 thousand square meters to produce innovative and high-end products. "

Innovation is a basis for development, we are wishing luck to the company.

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