10 Billion Dollar Wind Energy Investment In Turkey

The present wind energy power was 146 megawatt in 2007 in Turkey. Over the 10 years, 10 billion dollars of investment was made and the wind energy power was increased by 37 times.  Balıkesir is the city that has the most of the wind energy power by having its 19 per cent share.


Wind Power Plants of Turkey


According to the data, around 6 per cent of the energy produced in Turkey is wind energy. 127 companies are active in wind power production and 54 new companies are under construction. 37,49 per cent of the wind power plants are planted in the Aegean Region and 37,33 per cent is planted in Marmara Region of Turkey. Balıkesir is the first city on the listwith 969 megawatts of wind power, Izmir has 936 megawatts and Manisa has 574 megawatts. As the wind power of the second half of 2016 is still being measured, the president of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) Mustafa Serdar Ataseven declared that the total wind power of 2016 would be around 5.500 megawatts.


6.000 Megawatt Expectation in 2017


Ataseven said there was 1,5 billion dollars investment on wind power in 2016. After the completion of the ongoing projects, the wind power is expected to be 6.000 megawatts. He also mentioned that Turkey reached its highest wind power amounts in the years of 2014 and 2015. Turkey was number 5 in Europe and 10 in the world in world energy. Atasever claimed that with the new projects, 2017 can bring a new investment record.

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