1 Percent Of Agricultural Land İs Planned To Be Sold

According to the surface area of ​​agricultural land in Turkey, 1 percent is given to the province to be sold. The mobility that has been taking place in recent years is drawing attention in the change of agricultural land in Turkey.  Ahmet Kayhan said that this fluctuation is due to the fact that the land is being evaluated as a zoning investment.

According to the surface area of ​​agricultural land in Turkey, 1 percent is given to the province to be sold. Yalova is the small province with the most sales activity. In Yalova, there has been a  percent reduction in agricultural land in the last 5 years. After Yalova, Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Bursa, Çanakkale, Balıkesir and Muğla come in order.


 Ahmet Kayhan explained this change in agricultural land with investment expectations. Kayhan said, "In fact, agricultural land sales or manual exchanges aim to take advantage of the opportunities for development in the future of potential areas, rather than for agriculture. Because the agricultural land sold in the average 10 thousand to 20 thousand square meters in size. The land in this width is small in terms of agricultural availability. "


Kayhan also said that this tendency outside of agricultural activity is generally boosted by high costs such as production and logistics, and by the fact that it does not pass machine farming, adding: "In this case, those who can not make the income they expect from agriculture are turning to alternative investment methods."

The total area of ​​agricultural land in Turkey excluding meadow and pasture areas in 2016 is approximately 237,625,724 decares. This corresponds to about 30.33 percent of Turkey's surface area. Agricultural land decreased by 0.7 percent compared to the previous year by 1.713.773 decares.

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