You Will Have To Sell The House That Does Not Pay The Real Estate Tax!

The recent increase in the real estate tax is thought to be the enforcement of citizens. The high increase in the fair value of the land, which is the basis for the real estate tax, forced the workers to keep up with their pensions in particular. The citizens who are not aware of this situation are only aware of this situation when they receive the bill.


Tax Will Force Citizens

Journalist writer, tax expert Nedim Turkmen, was in the explanations. Turkmen, "Since there is no objective criterion, a number is determined according to heads of commissions of appreciation in these square meters. The value that the municipalities determine is the property tax value. This figure also affects corporate taxation with title deed. If the citizen file a lawsuit within the next 10 days, the court may cancel the appraisal commission decision on the expert report to be appointed by the court. This problem is solved without paying the first installment or they can apply to the court with the accrued receipt after paying the first installment. The Court has used the expressions "that the commissions of appreciation on the cancellation of the decisions of the Commission of Appreciation must re-determine the values of the square meters."


Land Fair Price

'Land Fair Value' is determined every 4 years and the increase is calculated on this current value. The real estate tax in 2018 will be calculated based on this newly determined value. The final statement on the subject will come from the Municipal Assembly.


In 2018 it is expected to pay 2-3 times more than real estate tax figures before. Citizens' reaction is developing on the fear that they will not be able to pay these figures and will have to move from their homes.


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