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Turkey has experienced positive developments in real estate in recent years, because Turkey, walking with confident steps towards becoming the center of business world, continues to increase tourism potential as well. The first preference of those who want to live in 4 seasons is Istanbul. But those who want to enjoy the beautiful weather in the four seasons want stay in Aydin. Most of the real estate sales in recent years have been made in Istanbul. But for this city is followed by Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Aydin.  Continues make the summit journey with sure steps. Aydin seems to be a hidden paradise. Property prices have not yet risen as much as Istanbul, but the rental income is quite high.


In the city of Aydin, which is at the peak of lease in recent years, the residential sales prices are in a cheap position to compare with Istanbul. Aydin is also possible to find an average 50% more affordable housing. But the fact that the city is far from industrial cities and that it is purely tourism-based, allows investments to be made only for touristic facilities. It has a very active population of 8 months of the year and is calm for 4 months remaining in the city. But those who want to earn rent income can make profits at very serious rates with the apartments they own. In addition, many companies that provide professional services for rent transactions are located in the region.

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