Will The New Record in The Stock Exchange Istanbul Be Broken?

Exchange of the dollar saw the historical summit against the Turkish Lira and the stock exchange flew Istanbul. Although all the indicators in the economy are alarming, Borsa Istanbul has reached the threshold of 90 thousand points with cheap buying opportunity on dollar basis.


While the US Federal Reserve (FED) has come up with strong messages on interest rate hikes, investors have been surprised by the success of the stock market. Borsa Istanbul, which gathers attention among world stock exchanges with a return of 25.5 percent in the last three months, succeeded to make a significant turnover by exceeding 90 thousand points which is considered as a critical threshold. Despite the volatility in the currency since December, the BIST 100 index, which rose quietly due to the continuation of foreign capital inflows, maintains its strong stance despite the political tension and the stagnation in the economy.

FED interest rate hikes have led to a positive decline in emerging economies. In particular, the possibility that the uncertainty that will continue throughout the year due to the start of the interest rate increase in March and the statements made by FED President Janet Yellen show that the interest rates will continue gradually and with a smooth transition period with market expectancy. This led to some appreciation of emerging country currencies. Despite the decline in global stock markets, the inflow of money to developing countries continues to slow down, “he said.

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