Why Istanbulis the Best City on Earth

Istanbul- a legendary city

Istanbul is so enchanting that if the city walls were given a chance to talk, they will surely not fail to recite countless legends; from the prophecy fulfilled, to tales of betrayal and love lost and not forgetting the mythological gods. The strait between Europe and Asia commonly referred to as The Bosphorous traces its birth from the beautiful lo’s myth. Having been changed to a cow by Zeus so as to cover up their tryst from Hera, his vengeful wife, lo was not lucky enough since Hera uncovered their secret and stung her with a horsefly. Io crashed away leaving “the passage of the cow” legendary strait.

Fight of control

Three empires, the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantines all fought among themselves so that each could make the city their capital in order to control trade between the Black Seas and the Mediterranean.

Lasting monuments

The city’s enduring monuments like the August Jasmund’sSirkeci train station, the ancient Hippodrome, Süleymaniye Mosque and the ancient Hippodrome, to ancient Hellenistic sites and modern architectural feats makes it to be celebrated all around the globe due to their style and grandeur.

We have the global heritage sites

Istanbul old city has more than 650 hectares as the UNESCO World Heritage. This is meant to preserve sites like subterranean Basilica Cistern and Hagai Sophia for future generations.

Monuments designed by the most skilled artisans

The renowned 17 century calligrapher, SeyyidKasimGubari, is known to have brushed the Blue Mosque with golden verses from the Quran. Moreover, skilled artisans contributed to the name and the color of the mosque through handcrafting of 20000 blue Inzk tiles. Also the Chora church stands out bejeweled with heavenly frescoes and glides mosaics that were as a result of TheodreMetochites late Byzantine restorations.

Ottoman palaces for reviving and refreshing

Though the era of sultansis now extinct, we have Bosphorous-side palaces like the Four Season Hotel and Çırağan Palace Kempinski where we lavish gourmet restaurants, luxuriant poolside, panoramic views, and accommodations.

Have fun in the snowy winter

From December, Istanbul’sseven hills become a winter wonderland as temperatures drop below zero. Also, the snow-ball fights that happen at Sultanahmet Park one of the best ways of spending your day in Istanbul during winter.

What about the summer beaches?

At summer, which is around June, you cannot prevent yourself from heading to beaches like party at Suma Beach alongside the black sea, beaches of Princes’ islands or the sophisticated Suanda manmade island.

Constant golden skyline silhouette

You just need to get to Galata tower or any terraced restaurants and bar at the Beyoğlu or the ancient city so that you will have an exceptional vanishing sun view. You can also grab a both ride from Karaköy to Kadıköy to view the city’s eye-catching skyline as the sun sets.

Underground cities

Those who want to catch a glimpse of the Istanbul’s past should head underground to the subterranean shadows city. By either visiting the Museum of Great Palace Mosaics in Sultanahmet, Sultan Sarnıç and the Basilica Cistern they have a mega opportunity to watch the ancient Byzantine past including the ancient chapels, bygone palaces which used to fortify the mosques. Moreover, we see the past being linked to the present as the cisterns used in the ancient times being used aswedding hallsand restaurants.

The annual International Istanbul Tulip Festival

Come when the winter makes way to spring on April 20 and watch 20 million tulips blooming throughout the city as we celebrate the Istanbul Tulip Festival. For the best displays we find our way totoGülhane and Emirgan parks.

The best rooftop views

Istanbul has the best restaurants views especially Milka, Leb-I derya, and 360 East. You just to take a view above on a higher point and enjoy the beauty of the rooftops.

Hollywood choice

Hollywood has shown the best side of the city in their hit movies like Taken 2, several 007 and The Water Diviner.

An entertainment haven

The city is a pure entertainment haven for you. WithBosphorusglamorous views, Sortieand Reina by the First Bosphorus Bridge, parties long into the night, Anjeliquelocated in Ortaköy and multiple restaurants, the city is purely glamorous for you.

We keep it rocking with the beat

From world music, to live bands, to R&B and hip hop, our city rarely sleeps. Donned with T-shirts and jeans we head to the alleys of İstiklâlCaddesi to keep up with the beat.

Inspiring the artist’swork

Many writers, song-writers, and photograph, poets and designers have all produced their works from the city. For example, OrhanPamuk, a writer, won the Nobel prize from his writings about the city.

Pure world class art scene

There are numerous international art festivals that take place annually celebrating Jazz, film, Visual arts, music and culture. The events complement local events at Pera Museum, Istanbul Modern, Garajistanbul, theTophane’sart galleries and Pera Museum.

Low ticket travel rates

As a city that straddles the two continents, the intercontinental travel in Istanbul is so cheap that traveling from Europe to Asia can cost $2.

Hospitality-our culture

Since we perceive guests as gifts from God, we make sure that you feel home as you taste our culture, our favorite city locations and as taste the best cuisine.

Best meals

Turkish breakfasts menu is normallyendorsed with a mouth-watering olives, jams, crispy cucumbers, baked bread, eggs, glasses of cay and ripe tomatoes.

High ratings

Recently, MasterCard rated Istanbul in the topmost most visited places since 2013. TopAdvisors listed our city as a favorite travelers’destination 2014. We have a long history of recognition as a popular city due to our delicious food, people, top shopping and cool bars.

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