Why Is The Dollar Rising? Will The Rising Continue?

Uncontrollable rising is continuing İn exchange rate of dollar. Developing market currencies in global markets deepen their depreciation.

Well, Why Is The Dollar Rising? How Long Will This Increase In The Dollar Continue?


The dollar’s rise, which continues since long time under normal conditions but accelerates after US elections, is putting pressure on all developing country markets. Yesterday, after the announcement of Fed Chairman Yellen, The interest rate hike is strictly observed in December on the market. Yellen’s positive assessment of US inflation and employment has increased the likelihood that the FED may be interest rate hike more than 2 percent in 2017. in dollar from past to today, The second rising is welded due to this. During the day, the Economic Coordination Board took the decision to convene at 16:00. For this reason, we may need to take into account weekly and daily closing levels when making estimates in dollars. By force of the announcements to be made after the board, If create a moderate atmosphere in the markets, the dollar may pause to some its rising. If we close the week below 3.4000, we may follow some breathing process, taking into account other developments. But if we see close above 3.4000, we can see a new buying wave.

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