Who Will Not Pay The Real Estate Tax in 2017?

The countdown has begun for the first payment of the real estate tax 2017. This year some people will not pay the real estate tax. Who will take advantage of the real estate tax exemption? The first instalment payment has begun since March 1, 2017. Millions of house and workplace owners will make the first payment until May 31, 2017. 1st payment due date is May31, 2017 for the real estate tax. The real estate tax is not enforced on some cases.

Generally; retirees, jobless, housewife, disabled people, widows and orphans of veterans and martyrs don’t have to pay real estate tax for their one real estate which is gross under the 200 m2.


What are the Conditions?

  • Retirees, jobless and housewives mustn’t get an income of over the 29.000 TL as interest, repos, fund, profit share and dividends. (except pensions )

  • Having a workplace or a land is not an obstacle in order to take advantage of the zero rate real estate tax. But the owners mustn’t get any income from these real estates.

  • Retirees, jobless and housewives who have a house divided into shares can take advantage of the situation as much as the amount of his/her own share.

  • If the retirees, jobless and housewives have a share in other real estate and they have also one real estate that is under 200 m2; they must to pay real estate tax.

  • There is no condition as living in the real estate.

  • There is no real estate tax exemption for the houses which are occasional used like summerhouse.

  • Disabled people who have one house under the gross 200m2 don’t have to pay any tax whatever their income.

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