What Is The Preference Of The Foreign Investors?

What is the preference of the foreign investors?

In Turkey, real estate market is growing day by day with the sure paces. The government is trying to encourage the new construction projects though Turkey. Both renovations and transformations are taking attraction of the investors. Especially foreign investor’s address is the transformations in city centers. The first choice of foreign investors is the urban transformation project in the center of Istanbul. Rental income, recycling and investment preferences are keeping this interest alive. According to the statistics more and more foreign investors are coming to Turkey for investment because of its potential real estate market.


Lately, foreign investors have preferred Istanbul, which is one of the safer destinations in recent years; foreign housing investors prefer urban renewal projects in the city’s center. Construction companies said that the interest of the foreign investors to the transformations in the central areas more than the other regions in Istanbul. Two weeks ago, Cityscape Real Estate Exhibition was in Istanbul for the first time. In there we had a chance to see the foreign investors’ interest to the real estates. Foreign investor’s address is the transformations in city centers. It seemed that they convinced the reliability of the projects. Rental incomes, easiness of selling the house and for living are the desired things by the foreign investors.

What-is-the-Preference-of-the foreign-investors

Foreign investor’s address is the transformations in city centers. The central sector representatives engaged in projects of central renovation and transformation know that the interest is highly good. The interest is still continuing and growing. In Cityscape Exhibition there was a lot of interest on the most recent project by the visitors. In particular, the investors were interested in the projects in the Gulf region. This interest from foreigners will help our country and our real estate market develop.

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