What İs The Municipality Tap?

The rapidly rising construction sector in today's world brings with it various questions and the question "What is the Municipality Tap?" Is among these. Title deeds that are abused by contractors who are not in an institutional structure can face many citizens as a pregnant issue to many frauds. It is very important to follow up and examine the procedures necessary to avoid any negativity in ownership transactions and to measure the sensitivity of the seller on this subject.


Failure to follow procedures such as the "firefighting report or shelter report" which must be approved by the municipality in order to gain more of the seller and which is crucial for the citizens' safety of life can have very negative consequences.


Not only that, but the expansion of the square meter plans in the construction project presented to the municipality is contrary to the zoning regulation, which also poses a big problem for the citizens who will realize the purchase. In the future, any criminal proceedings to be implemented by the municipality will be the citizen who buys, not the institution or person responsible for the construction site.


The document called the title deed of the property or the municipal deed is overcome with the possible problems of betting. Citizens are able to confirm the appropriateness of the property they have acquired through this land title and prevent possible problems. Through the municipal title deed it is possible to prove compliance with all the municipal boards.


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