What Is The Deadline For Payment Of Property Tax Payments?

According to The Real Estate Tax Law Number 1319, to be paid for Property Taxes, any real estate property within the borders of Turkey since 1986, land, housing and establishments they are attached to a variety of a tax that is collected by municipalities.

The real estate tax payment date for 2016; for the first installment will be on 31.May.2016, for the second installment will be on 30.November.2016. The requesting taxpayer, can pay with two installments of the taxes. In case if the property taxes do not paid on time, the owner is criminal and also for 2016, 1.40% monthly interest charge. If a newly purchased property to pay the property tax next year begins

property (3).

The increase in property tax value, according to the described in the Official Gazette on the date of 10.November.2015, for 2016 5,58% has been identified as. Accordingly, for housing; if the housing is within the boundaries of Metropolitan, 0.2%, outside the boundaries of the Metropolitan of 0.1%, as for business premises and shops; 0.4% and 0.2%, land for 0.2%, and 0.1% and for plots 0.6% and %0.3 as applied. The price to be paid is calculated on the value to the real estate where title is registered.

According to The Real Estate Tax Law Number 1319; single dwelling under 200 m2., no income, and non-disabled, veterans, families of martyrs and pensioners may be exempt from property tax or are willing to pay reduced price.

Property Tax payments should be paid depending on where the real estate is located, real estate services of municipalities, if the real estate in other cities through the municipality’s the accounts of PTT. Also online payment with credit card from the websites of the municipalities can be made.



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