What Happens To House Prices In 2017?

Due to fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, many sellers, buyers and investors are interested in knowing what will happen to the prices on the real estate market in 2017.

The movement of the dollar also affected housing prices. Despite the fact that to date experts note a slight drop in prices, they also warn that they will soon return to the growth indicators of previous years and will continue to grow.


Sudden changes in the dollar exchange rate affect the costs in the real estate sector. Chairman of the Association for Housing Development and Investors (KONUTDER) Omer Faruk Celik predicted that in the near future residential areas will be profitable, and citizens who have a stable income can safely invest in real estate sector.

Some representatives of the real estate market say that in the middle-income group there is a high demand for housing, which positively affects the real estate sector. Representatives of the real estate market note that some construction firms in this sector are experiencing difficulties in paying debts on loans. Because of this, cash flow and investment can be reduced, which will lead to a reduction in the number of companies. This in turn can also lead to an increase in house prices in 2017.

Real estate market experts predict the revival in the housing sector may begin in 2017, especially in spring and summer. Along with the continued rise in house prices, industries will also increase growth rates.

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