What Do You Need To Do For Getting Residential?

Housing prices continue to rise. This makes it difficult to have the house every day.

However, it offered an important support for those who have trouble getting home. Without having to purchase housing in the first and the only issue, the state contribution is provided to more than 15 thousand pounds. So how government funding given, what needs to happen to get support for housing Who can apply?


Housing support needed to get …
Residential account application provides significant support to those who want to become homeowners. This application is based on first-time home will have people who can take up the issue of state support to 15 thousand pounds in the bank account to open. But how getting government support, need to do to get government support? That’s about it for the inhabitants of the confusion we have listed the answers to these questions…


The conditions required for housing support …
Housing accounts aimed at the acquisition of housing starts this year without a host application. receive state support with regard to open accounts in banks, it is possible for those who want to become homeowners. But wanted to get the support of the state must be respected in other conditions.


To get the support housing;


– Be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
– Land not owned
– Open accounts in domestic housing or participation in deposit banks
– You need to make regular payments to that account for at least 3 years.


How to get support for housing?
Every Turkish citizen can benefit from government support homeless when the conditions allow. So by fulfilling these requirements it is provided to the accumulation of state support . The host of non- residential account will have to make regular payments over 3 years. Support is given at the rate of 20 per cent of the money collected for three. This support does not exceed 15 thousand pounds.


What do you need to get support for residential?


– Housing accounts for people who need to remain open for at least three years in the system in order to benefit from government support.


– One who collects the money and open an account to buy housing in the bank, is to contribute 20 percent of the state’s heritage. State contribution does not exceed 15 thousand pounds.


– Residents will be purchased first and only state support for housing is concerned.


– Support of government; floor with a deed of ownership and floor easement, building use permit with residential real estate, which is paid to the detached structure the document permission to use qualified.

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