What Country Has The Maximum Number in Buying Property in Turkey?

While selling property to foreigners has increased by 13,4 % with 1.462 houses, approximately half of this number belongs to the citizens of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia.

Based on the information gathered from Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), selling property to foreigners has continued without slowing down in first month of this year and foreigners have bought 1.462 houses in January.

This number shows that there has been an increase by 13,4 % compared to the same month of the last year. 1.289 houses have been sold in January, 2015.

The First Choice Has Not Been Changed In Buying Property

The foreigner’s first choice has not been changed and 489 houses have been sold in Istanbul in January. Antalya follows this city with 315 houses, Bursa with 129 houses and Yalova with 89 houses. When first months of this year and the former year are compared, it is seen that the highest increase rate belongs to Trabzon with 390,9 %. Ankara follows this city with 65,9 % and Bursa with 59,3 %. Antalya has the highest decrease rate with 19,6 % and Yalova with 11,6 % in house sales to foreigners in mentioned period.

One Fifth of Property Demand Comes from Iraq

When property sales to foreigners are analyzed based on nationalities, it is seen that Irakians take the first place for the January. Irakians, who have bought 308 houses in January, comprise 21 % of the sales. For January, Saudi Arabians follow Irakians with 136 houses, Kuwaitis with 134 houses and Russians with 106. While 684 houses have been sold to the citizens of 4 mentioned countries, this number is almost equal to the half of the number of house sales to foreigners.

On the other hand, Afghanistan has the highest rate with 420 % in house sales in January, on a yearly basis. Egypt follows Afghanistan with 136,4 % and Noway with 52,9 %.

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