What Are The Most Expensive Cities of Turkey?


Istanbul has the highest price level in Turkey as it has been for many years. Istanbul ranks first in the cost of real estate, electricity, water and gas. In addition, the most expensive price level for non-alcoholic beverages and foods belongs to Istanbul. Living in Istanbul is considered quite expensive compared to the salaries received.



Ankara, the capital city, is second in the list according to TUİK data. Ankara has the highest price level in cafes, restaurants and hotels. It is also seen that Ankara has reached the highest level in transportation. Despite these indexes, Ankara is also on the list of the most livable cities of Turkey.



İzmir is considered as the third biggest city of Turkey in terms of cost of living compare. It is not surprising that İzmir, one of the most important centers of holidaymakers, is on this list.



Antalya, which has the best accessibility indices for habitability and services, is one of Turkey's most expensive cities. As Antalya is an important and luxurious resort city, this list has been found to be in the front row. Antalya is on the list of Turkey's most expensive cities because it is an important and luxurious holiday town. It is also remarkable that Antalya has the most expensive prices in terms of clothing products prices.


According to cost of living index by city, Kahramanmaraş city has achieved the top five in this list.

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