What Are The Housing Loan Application Requirements?

Due to the attractive interest rates applied by credit institutions and banks in recent years, housing purchases are often resorted to housing loans. While there are some requirements for the bank for the housing loan, there are differences in the criteria from the bank to the bank. That is, it is possible for a person who wants to use a residential loan to receive a positive reply from another bank, even though it receives a negative response from a bank to which it is applying.

An important issue that needs to be known before applying for a housing loan is that housing loans are not considered appropriate for each house. Although the number of housing projects that have increased in recent years and the number of housing eligible for housing loans have increased, housing loans for some houses are not suitable for banks.



At the top of the list of housing loan terms of reference is the fact that the banks will look for the person applying for the housing loan. In addition to the house credit qualification applied for the housing loan, the banks pay attention to the following issues:

1- Credit Note on the Loan Application

The housing loan is at the forefront of what matters most to credit note banks. The point that it is called credit resume is meticulously examined whether the person who had previously been submerged borrowed, whether the debts and installments are paid regularly, whether it is a gratuitous check issued by the person. It is also examined whether or not the person owed money during the application for the housing loan.


2- Total Income of the Person in the Loan Application

Another point that banks evaluate on their home loan application is the total income of the person applying for the loan.

3- Properties of the Housing Loan Application

In the housing loans received from the banks, the banks examine the characteristics of the house as a guarantee. The Expert Report is prepared. In the Expert Report, the construction quality of the property, the technical features of the building, land registration, shares and the approximate value of the real estate market are determined. 


When the documents required for the application of the housing loan vary from bank to bank, the following common documents are generally required. Here are those documents:

1- Application form to be obtained from bank

2- Photocopy of identity card, passport or driver's license

3- Income certificate

4- Photocopy of water, electricity or natural gas bills belonging to the person who will apply for credit. (Must be at least two months in advance)

5- Membership certificate or photocopy to be taken from the related profession group for persons belonging to the self-employed group

6- If there is a company to be jointly issued, a copy of the trade registry gazette published by the main contract of the company

7- Other documents that the bank branch in question will request.

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