What Are The District With Higher Values İn İstanbul

The project of the justice palace and also the constructed metro lines has made Kartal very precious. We can say that the area was full of empty lands since 2 years ago but now we cannot say that these areas are that empty. Thanks to the announcements of the projects Kartal has attracted people. Before the project was announced the prices of houses in terms of rent or sale was quiet low when compared with the other districts located in İstanbul.


For now the prices in this area have also augmented but we can say that they are even lower when compared with other districts but it is clear that the prices will increase highly when all the projects will be finished so hurry up if you do not want to pass up.


Increase in value with the 3. Bridge

Sancaktepe is also an area in İstanbul which became valuable day by day. With the construction of the 3. Bridge and metro lines which will help the transportation the area had become precious and still go on in that way.


Time for Transformation

Gaziosmanpaşa was known as a bad district in İstanbul but now the case has changed a lot. The risky part of the area had been found and devastated. The demolished buildings will be replaced with new constructed ones. Because of such a big transformation the area became valuable and will be in the future.



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