We Have Built 710 Thousands of Houses in 13 Years

Emphasizing that about 900 million people live in shantyhouses and in unhealthy conditions Turan emphasized the production of social housing as a basic social policy.

The manager of the housing development adinistration (TOKİ) Mehmet Ergün made an important speech in the convention. He emphasized that the institution built 43 thousands of houses in 19 years, however, now it is in a stuation in which it has built 710 thousands of houses in the last 13 years. He said that their 2023 goal is to build 1 million and 200 thousands of houses. He told that they are planning of building 60 thousands of social houses.

Turan Pointed out that in the World the building expenses in 2015 increased %4 of nominal value, but in Turkey in the same term, the value was about %7 that is an increase of 131 billions of liras and said that the portion of building sector in national income is %5.6. “In spide of all the crisis scenes, the house sales rised %11 and reached a number of 1 million and 300 thousands that is a record of all of the times.” Turan said and emhasized that in 2015 they earned 5 billion dollars from selling 23 thousands of houses to foreigners.


Turan said Kiptaş which was founded when the president Erdoğan was a mayor of Istanbul is a touchstoone in social housing. Turan emphasized that private sector, public and title holders should not see this transformation as a way of income. Turan told that in 49 cities with 112 municipality they go on working on 129 active projects of urban transformation which include  55 million square meters and pointed that TOKİ’s sources transferred to sector of housing has reached 120 billion liras in 13 years.


The ones who played an active role at the beginning of urban transformation gave a huge support in yesterday’s convention. The persons who contributed in the convention are listed below:
Emlak Konut Executive Board Chairman Ertan Yetim
Emlak Konut Executive Board Chairman Representative Ertan Keleş
Emlak Konut General Manager Murat Kurum
Halkbank Executive Board Chairman  Recep Süleyman Özdil
Halkbank General Manager Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu
Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioğlu
Avrupa Konutları Executive Board Chairman  Süleyman Çetinsaya
Ağaoğlu Companies Group Executive Board Chairman  Ali Ağaoğlu
DAP Yapı Executive Board Chairman  Ziya Yılmaz
Ege Yapı Executive Board Chairman  İnanç Kabadayı
Kuzu Group Administrative Board Member  Özen Kuzu
Polat Holding Executive Board Chairman Adnan Polat
Sinpaş Executive Board Chairman  Avni Çelik
Sur Yapı Executive Board Chairman  Altan Elmas
Vakıf Emeklilik General Manager Representative Özgür Obalı
YDA Executive Board Chairman  Hüseyin Arslan
Keleşoğlu Holding Administrative Board Member Fuat Keleş
TAV Havalimanları Executive President Sani Şener

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