We Can Close 2016 With New Record In Housing Sales

130 thousand 274 houses were sold throughout Turkey in October. Of the houses sold, 61 thousand 677 were the first sale and 68 thousand 597 were second-hand housing.
Sales that lagged behind last year during 2016, this year for the first time in October, was ahead of last year.

Coldwell Banker Turkey Country Chairman Gökhan Taş said that if 1 million 239 thousand 320 homes were sold in 2015 and if 223 thousand houses were sold for 1 month after the end of 2016, they would break record of records.
“The sector has achieved a nearly double-digit year-on-year sales figure in October of this year,” said Taş. “Interest in housing loan interest firms and banks has increased by 71.8% and he broke the record. In addition,
In October this year, almost double the rate of the previous month, the sector has reached double the number of credited house sales. Second-hand sales, which were 43,500 in July of 2016, were 60 thousand 967 in August, 57 thousand 946 in September and 68 thousand 597 in October, “he said.

1.3 Million Homes Sold Expected
“Stating that the housing is” accessible “by falling the interest, he said that sales increased by 25.1 percent compared to the same month last year and that he saw 48 for the first time at the date of the credit sale.

The government’s calls to “lower interest rates” on the bank and the campaign launched by Real Estate Housing REIT and GYODER have leaded to booming since August.


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