Viaport Marina Pulled Tuzla To League Of Giants ın Sea Tourism

Viaport Marina Via Properties Chairman Coskun Bayraktar, who is allegedly at a cost of 1 billion TL by Via Properties in 2015, said that in the last two years he provided Tuzla with added value at a considerable rate and turned Istanbul into a star.

The Viaport Marina, which is composed of stages such as shopping center, theme park, concert venue, aquarium, entertainment center, fairground, which was lived as an untimely project of the maritime industry, made Tuzla a league of giants. Viaport Marina, with its mega yachts, has two marinas with a capacity of 750 yachts.


Via Properties Chairman of the Board of Directors Coşkun Bayraktar stated that the project has become one of the brands of Istanbul. "We have welcomed 15 million domestic and foreign visitors in the project year. This year, this figure will be 25 million people, "he said.

Bayraktar noted that they have carried the sector to Tuzla with the fairs that they have established with the fairs that they have established on behalf of the maritime sector to this day, "Tuzla was the heart of maritime and shipbuilding till today. Now, among the marinas that boat owners are most interested in is the Viaport Marina. We have settled the entertainment and social life as well as the marinas as well as the winds reversed and privatized, isolated from the marinas ".

When we look at all the examples in the world, Bayraktar stated that they signed a project that is unique in the whole world.

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