Urban Transformation Will Bring Speed ​​”KHK”

The housing sector is expected to accelerate. This acceleration is to be realized in the field of urban transformation. The minister had some explanation about this issue. Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Ozhaseki said in his statement, "Even a bag law was discussed for a month, might no earthquake is expected. That's why I am pushing for the make of the KHK, "he said. In other words, it was stated that the ‘’KHK’’ aims to have a faster regeneration in the real estate sector. It is aimed to create Istanbul ready for earthquake.


Stating that Istanbul's earthquake is not ready, Mehmet Özhaseki said that 600 thousand dwellings, which are considered risky in the first place, should be renovated. For this purpose, he said that he prepared a project with an average of 150,200 residences near Europe and Asia. It is stated that this project aims to speed up urban transformation. Based on the regulation and building-based transformation, area-based transformation will be over. Field-based conversions will be more effective and more efficient.

Increased plans will not be allowed in Istanbul. Iller Bank will work like an urban transformation bank. The Ministry is trying to create a budget for urban transformation. The Ministry will transfer the 2 billion pounds income, urban transformation, which will be obtained by selling 21 facilities within the ministry. Another issue that is on the agenda is to receive a 20-year loan from the World Bank and a zero-interest loan to the municipalities for 2-3 years if the supply is insufficient. Mehmet Özhaseki, who continues to explain, emphasized that there will be no distinction between illegal structures in urban transformation. Özhaseki said, "We have to accept it as if it is compulsory." Özhaseki, for example Fatih Sultan Mehmet Quarter in Istanbul Sarıyer showed the construction of public land.

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