Undersea Walking Trail for İstanbul

It is plotted route and accommodation road on  Haliç Tube Tunnel Project which will connect  Unkapanı and Kasımpaşa to eachother. It is planned to be completed in two years and this tunnel will cost 100 million TL .

After Eurasia Tunnel which connects two continents to eachother by passing under the Bosphorus, one more tube tunnel will be constructed in Haliç. Instead of Unkapanı Bridge which connects Historical Peninsula and Taksim area to eachother, a new undersea tube tunnel project will be constructed. The Unkapanı Bridge which cause an accumulation by cutting flow  will be removed. Soil detection analysis about the area where sea scanning was started in January is taken turn.



Kasımpaşa – Sütlüce tunnel which is started to build in 2011 is up to finish. By being completed this tunnel of which cost is bore by General Directorate of Highways, Haliç Tube Tunnel Project will have start. Even route and accommodation roads of the project of which soil scanning and surveying study are in progress are determined. The Haliç Tube Tunnel which will start next to Kadir Has University will end up next to shipyard of Haliç. This tunnel will connect to Kasımpaşa-Sütlüce tunnel here. 100 million TL wil be spent for this project which is planned to be completed in two years.



While İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş was telling the project in 2014 he said “ A big work of Mimar Sinan; Sokullu Mosque was forgotten. It is arouising again. Saliha Sultan Fountain comes to light again. In addition, door of the Haliç shipyard which was builded in the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1455 is not in its real place.  We bring this door back to its historical place,too. “



İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that they will construct a pedestrian tube tunnel or pedestrian lane between Kabataş and Üsküdar. Passanger who get off the Marmaray will reach to Kabataş tube line by undersea treadwheel. Topbaş said that he will make a statement about his very important vision projects in the parliament of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. While some interferences was happening on the side of CHP, Topbaş said “ Hang on to your hat” by laughing. Topbaş stated “ We will make a tunnel for walk between Üsküdar and Kabataş. Passengers who get off the Üsküdar tube line will reach to tube line in Kabataş by treadwheel. And then they will able to go Kirazlı by tube line and from Etiler to Aşiyan by funicular. By telling new projects Topbaş said “On the road of D100 we will enter from Çobançeşme and exit from Küçükçekmece. We will enter from Haramidere and exit from Büyükçekmece. We will pass by drilling the mountains.”

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