Unalan Rental Prices Increased More Than 60 Percent

Real Estate Index According to the February 2017, Uskudar Unalan Neighborhood's housing prices are increased in the last 3 years, by 50 percent; the increase in rents exceeded 60 percent.

According to the sahibinden.com description, Uskudar's Unalan neighborhood, one of the historical districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, has become one of the most popular districts of Istanbul with its proximity to the central settlement units as it prepares to get new faces with the urban transformation projects that have passed. Real Estate Index According to February 2017, the increase in the prices of houses for sale and rent in unalan has exceeded 50 percent in the last three years.


The proximity to the metrobus and metro line, the presence of the important highways on the transit route, the University and the ongoing shopping mall project in the region, the increase in the value of the Anatolian side of unalan reflected on the housing prices. Sahibinden.com Real Estate Index According to the February 2017, in the last three years, the prices of residential homes for sale increased by 55.79 percent in the average of 502 thousand 396 were offered for sale. The rents increased by 65.55 percent and reached an average of 583 liras.This increasement by 60 percent causes renters to think twice before they decide to rent Real Estate from Unalan Municipality. Although Home Owners are happy to hear that incremental change, due to high rental prices they cannot find enouhg renters to rent their houses.

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