Two Hospitals To Istanbul On Two Sides

Two new large hospitals on both sides of Istanbul are scheduled to be operation this year. On the European and Asian sides of the city hospitals will be ready to accept patients in March. Both hospitals are designed for 600 bed places, which significantly increases the volume of health care options. The opening of new hospitals is of great importance for the whole of Istanbul’s health care system. Istanbul is one of the most densely populated cities in Turkey. According to official data, the city has a population of about 14 million people. And on weekdays the total population increased to 17 million at the expense of people who come to Istanbul to work. And of course the provision of medical services to the population is a priority for the municipal authorities.


The opening of new hospitals on both sides of Istanbul provides easy access to these for the population. Despite the fact that the transport interchange in Istanbul intelligently thought out, a large number of people leads to the formation of kilometer-long traffic jams. This creates some difficulties for rapid patient access to doctors. Now, thanks to new hospitals, the flows of patient’s redistribution will be easier to regulate.

New hospitals are equipped with the new modern medical equipment and staffed by medical professionals. In general, will be ready by March, about 10 new operating rooms, 50 intensive care units, 2 room angiography, maternity ward and branch of the emergency services. On average estimated the two hospitals will be able to serve about 5000 people every day.

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