Turkish TV series dominates the MIPCOM Fair

Turkish TV shows recently participated in MIPCOM, a fair showcasing the globe’s entertainment industry content market. At the MIPCOM fair, which was hosted in Cannes, Turkey was recognized as the honorary guests among the 112 participant countries. However, the recognition of Turkey in the entertainment industry has not come by chance. This is because Turkey TV series have continued to allure a large audience, especially in Balkans, Middle East, Asia and South America regions. Statistics reveal that Turkey is set to make over $350 million as a result of exporting its TV Shows. Today Turkish TV series have gradually replaced Israeli’s ones to become the main stakeholders of the TV series sector.

The major reason why TV Turkish series are a hot pie for many entertainment fans all over the globe is mainly because they offer great inspiration for idealism and plots. For instance, at the MIPCOM fair, the Turkish TV channel ATV continued to thrill TV series fans by introducing brand new series titled EşkıyaDünyayaHükümdarOlmaz” (Bandits) and “KırgınÇiçekler” (Orphan Flowers). Furthermore, more than 100 TV executives combined for the ‘Turkish Drama Lunch.’

Turkish daily newspaper Sabah columnist, Sinan Özedincik, who purposed to observe Turkish stance at the MIPCOM fair reported that Turkey had actually outdone Israel in the TV series production. Moreover, through an interview that he had with the General Manager at ATV, MetinErgen, the columnist also noted that the TV series exports were mainly to Balkans, Middle Eastern countries, and Turkic republics though they are also receiving a considerable interest from Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe, Baltic countries as well as Far Eastern and Latin American countries. The reporter also was quick to insist that the market value of the shows had significantly risen from a range of $1000 and $1500 to an average total value of $500000 inclusive of the income from exports.

When asked to narrate the success journey of Turkish TV series, Ergen said that though the private TV sectors started their production in 1990’s, faced a stiff competition from the American and Latin shows that had addicted many people in Turkey at that time. However, for the last ten years, the Turkish shows have conquered the American TVs. According to Mergen, the enthusiasm and love that has been shown by many of the foreign countries that have been watching their shows are a clear indication that the Turkish shows are destined for more success. He noted that, for instance, for the six years they have been in Vietnam, the Vietnamese citizens highly regard their shows that the Turkish actors cannot pass the Vietnamese streets without being interrupted. The Turkish TV series aims at reaching out to more countries in Asia.

Not only has it been a private TV channels success but even the state-run TRT channel has exported some TV series to countries like the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Some examples of these shows are the “Resurrection: Ertuğrul which is a show that focuses on the history of the Ottoman empire and a detective story in the Ottoman era known as “Filinta” and YunusEmre. Negotiations’ have been ongoing for the “Filinta.” and the “Resurrection: Ertuğrul”.

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