Turkish Style Start-up

Start-up business culture is accelerating in Turkey. Government and university supports, increased the belief in start-ups can create millionares in Turkey too.

2017 has just began but investments are taking places with large amount of moneys.

Here, some successful start-up businesses that are already invested in 2017 so far.



Hüseyin Nalbantoğlu and Orhan Öztürk developed a SaaS service that standardizes construction sectors purchising departmants working process and they had an investment that worths 2 million turkish liras for their great effort.

Cepte Tamir

A venture that brings cell-phone repair to you rather than drag you to a cell-phone service have been created by İsa Uysal. After an investment that worths 2 million Turkish Liras by Burak Menteşe, they are now considering, bringing this service to the other cities but Istanbul.


MYSU (My Sports Unverse) provides special profiles to gyms and trainers to sell their services on a great platform. MYSU got an investment from Zeynep Holding that worths 400.000 Turkish Liras .


A personal life coaching app that has been created by Barış Özaydınlı named “FITWELL” took an investment worths 2.3 million Turkish Liras. The investment is with the leadership of Founders Factory which is a London centred corporation. They plan to use this investment on “AI” and “Marketing”.

Evdeki Bakıcım

Miraç Bal and Ogün Köprülü founded Evdekibakicim.com. 11 investers that includes Fatih and Fırat İşbecer invested 675.000 Turkish Liras on their creation.


Bibi is a venture which is based on data transfer between an app and a bracelet. Its a “Special Bracelet For Sportsman” project that has been developed by famous basketball player Sinan Güler.


Peoplise is an output of ODTÜ’s (METU) T-Jump acceleration program. Peoplise digitalizes the human recources process and took an investment in January from “500 Istanbul”

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