Turkish Prime Minister Planning To Reuse Silk Road

According to reports, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu, has made it known that the Silk Road, which is an age old web of trade routes that played a main part in cultural interaction between several regions within the Asia, linking West and East from China and India to the Mediterranean Sea, would be once again utilized.

In Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana, Davutoğlu said: “We are supporting the revival of the Silk Road. The road is to begin from China and go until Europe. This is a bold and important project.

As soon as the Middle Corridor — a transportation network extending from the Caspian Sea through Turkey and Azerbaijan to Central Asia and China — becomes operational, Turkey and Kazakhstan will be the two central countries of Eurasia.”

Just recently the PM met up with Kazakh President NursultanNazarbayev, in an official two-day visit to Kazakhstan, in an effort to further create relationships as it relates to energy, trade and transportation.

The PM’s statements were issued on his inaugural visit to Kazakhstan, following the Ankara-Moscow jet crisis.

Since Turkish F-16s reportedly shot down a Russian fighter jet last November after it violated Turkish airspace, tensions between Moscow and Ankara have been riding high.

A string of economic sanctions were implemented subsequent to the incident, which included limits on the activity of Turkish companies operating in Russia, as well as restrictions on Turkish exports.

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