Turkey’s Number Of Shopping Centers And 2017 List!

Recently, the number of shopping centers in Turkey has been increasing steadily. This proves that the shopping mall sector in Turkey is growing day by day. The number of shopping centers in Turkey has gained clarity by the end of 2016. The total number of active shopping centers in Turkey is 379. With the planned projects passing by, the number of shopping centers in Turkey is expected to exceed 450 by 2019.


The number of Istanbul Shopping Centers is 120 as of 2017. Istanbul is the province with the most shopping malls in Turkey with approximately 120 AVMs serving. The most popular shopping mall after Istanbul is as follows: 33 Shopping Centers in Ankara, 16 Shopping Centers in Bursa and Antalya. Aydın, Bolu, Karabük, Kırıkkale, Kocaeli and Muğla are among the other ills with the most shopping malls of Turkey.


How many shopping centers are there in Turkey?

The survey of Turkey's 22 was determined not necessarily found in the shopping center. In addition, the projects are continuing to be 81-mile shopping center. Most AVMs are located in Istanbul while the biggest AVMs are located in Istanbul.


Here is the list of the 10 largest shopping mall in Turkey:

1) Forum İstanbul / Bayrampaşa

2) Mall of Istanbul / İkitelli
3) Emaar Square / Çamlıca
4) Marmara Forum / Bakırköy
5) İstanbul Cevahir / Mecidiyeköy
6) Vialand / Eyüp
7) Marmara Park / Beylikdüzü
8) Torium / Beylikdüzü
9) Acacia Acıbadem / Acıbadem
10) Stage Park / Stage (İstinye)



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