Treasury Land For Koran Courses

Koran courses and religious dormitories will be given free land for 49 years. The government will give approval to the land allocation. The foundations with tax exemption will benefit from the arrangement.


 Municipalities and Special Provincial Administrations including land owned by the public and land, courses and even established for religious purposes, dormitories and pensions can be given free of charge for 49 years. The foundation schools, which the government will approve about the free Treasury land, will also benefit from the dormitories.


Come Into Force

The regulation on the allocation of free treasury bills to the Koran courses, which the government had formerly passed by parliament through law, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance, "Regulation on the Establishment of Higher Education for Public Immovables and the Upper Authority for Dormitory Activities", all the schools and dormitories belonging to the foundations with tax exemptions and the Koran, The funds required for the education given to the citizens who want to read their books, learn their meaning, make a memory and study religion will be allocated by the Treasury for 49 years free of charge. Dormitory and pensions of the courses related to the Diyanet will also be benefited.

All foundations that are granted tax exemption for treasury land acquisition will be available for application. However, not only all the foundations will be granted free of charge to the foundations approved by the Ministers of Youth and Sports, Finance and the Ministry of National Education. Moreover, for the foundation schools and dormitories and Koran courses that will benefit from the Treasury, the Ministry of National Education and the Presidency of Religious Affairs will be asked for their views. Therefore, foundations that want to make free school and home to the Treasury, will now be in control of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, educational institutions that can not pass the examination of the Religious Affairs will not be approached to the Treasury.



According to the regulation, those who will benefit from the free Treasury land will have to allocate 10 percent free of charge and 10 percent discount to poor students. This will ensure that poor students are directed to these schools, courses, dorms and pensions that pass through the approval and supervision of the Diyanet. These institutions on the treasury are going to become centers of attraction for the poor.

The Courts Were By-Pass

In addition, courts were disabled in the allocation of free Treasury land to businessmen. Businessmen who have been given the Treasury land for free investment for 49 years but have to return the land upon the cancellation of the court free of charge, may now have 49 years of age by paying 5 per cent of the market value.

Will Also Be Able To Trade Areas

According to the regulation, the public will not be able to find out which foundation, institutions and courses the Treasury has allocated to the 49 years of its land and land free of charge. Those who open a residence, school or religious course place on the Treasury will convert 20 percent of the land to commercial tours and earn money. Moreover, third persons will be able to operate and obtain rents and similar revenues. Unlike past applications, the Treasury will not receive any revenue share from the proceeds from this.


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