Transformatıon Mobilization Started!

The 3rd Conference on Urban Transformation and Strategic Approaches was held at Izmir Kaya Thermal Hotel. Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism, who made the opening speech of the conference, which was presented by Özlem Doğaner, for the first time told the details of the new road map determined in urban transformation. "We need to renew 7.5 million dwellings, we have set a target for 15 years, and we will transform 500 thousand houses a year," said Minister Özhaseki.

"We will force municipalities to make space-based transformations, and we will give them zero-interest loans and give incentives to change the way of life quickly," Minister Özhaseki said, emphasizing that the most important actor of the urban transformation mobilization is the municipalities. Minister Özhaseki underlined that the possibility of zero-interest loan facilities will be applied to citizens and contractors other than municipalities, "We are preparing a 20-point law, and we will have a solution to many issues related to the transformation.

Explaining that they prefer space-based transformations instead of buildings in the urban transformation, Minister Özhaseki said that there is no alternative but to increase the urban transformation budget to make the transformations. Özhaseki stated that the resources of the Iller Bank will be evaluated as well as the own funds and said, "We are selling 21 social facilities owned by the Iller Bank and we are taking the money we receive to the urban transformation account. asked.


 TOKI President Mehmet Ergün Turan also emphasized the significance of the congress being held in İzmir and underlined that the great morale of the investors during the start of the gigantic projects of the government and the start of the construction works of many firms. Turan said that the construction sector grew 6.4 percent in the first half of the year and said: "Construction expenditures were realized as TL 190 billion in the first half of the year, with 7.6 percent of the total employment in the sector, which corresponds to 2 million 200 thousand people. confidence index grew by 3.3 percent. " Turan said that the record was broken with the sale of 1 million 341 thousand houses last year, "I think that this record will be broken this year, 770 thousand houses were sold in the first 7 months, 712 thousand in the same period last year and there is this growth in building use licenses. There is an increase of 3.5 per cent in the sectoral sense.

"Our approach in transformation activities is not based on income," Turan said, conveying that TOKI is carrying out urban transformation activities at 54 points and 181 points. Turan said that Izmir is a city where it is difficult for them to do business and said that this year and 2018 is a new era and that they started to produce a large number of social housing in various districts.

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