Tozkoparan Will Transform Into Urban Not Profitable

Tozkoparan region is the one of the central locations in İstanbul. An agreement is made with the citizens for the ¼ of the Tozkoparan. The project is applied by the cooperation of TOKİ and Güngören Municipality. The goal of the urban transformation project is to realize the transformation without anyone doesn’t need to leave. (16.000 people)

The citizens don’t have to pay any extra amount, the housing will be provided as much as the existing m2. In contrast, more green space will be created. Neighbourhood culture will be preserved and there will be neither the shopping mall nor residence. The number of schools, culture and sports will increase. Rental allowance will be about 1000 pounds. The rental assistance period will continue until the end of the project instead of 18 months. Municipal authorities emphasized that the Tozkoparan urban transformation project will be a very good example for Turkey. This project will not be a profitable project; it is a real urban transformation.


TOKİ And Güngören Municipality Are Cooperating For The Project

TOKİ and Güngören Municipality signed a protocol last year. After this protocol, the urban transformation works have been started for the area of 58 hectares. There are 5.500 housings and 190 workplaces on the area.

Agreed ith 25% Of Housing Owners

25% of the housing owners agreed about the Tozkoparan Urban Transformation. Other housing owners are trying to be convinced by the authorities. The project in Tozkoparan will be realized into the 3 steps.

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