TOKI Invest in Ordu

Housing Development Administration of Turkey (Başbakanlık Toplu Konut İdaresi – TOKI), invested 520 million Lira in last 10 years and constructed 2 thousand 820 houses in Ordu.


TOKI Has Changed Ordu’ s Silhouette


TOKI was established in 1984 and renewed its vision by starting constructing houses for people in need with low income among Turkey. TOKI has been constructed 2 thousand 820 houses in Ordu for among last 15 years. The Administration started its works first in 2005. During this project total 2 thousand 500 in Altinordu’ s Terzili and Karacaomer Districts, 320 in Fatsa, and 448 in Unye completed and delivered to new owners. TOKI, already has been constructing the projects with estimated cost 150 million Lira. This project consists of 385 houses in 385, 204 houses in Mesudiye, 383 houses in Persembe and 311 houses in Altinordu. The total number of houses planned in this project is 1775. With large number of invested houses by TOKI in Ordu, the city has been gained a new and modern figure.


11 Thousand 280 People Lives in TOKI Houses


When the demography of people living in TOKI houses compared with the districts in Ordu, it has been observed that more people live in TOKI houses than others living in a district. Considering a small family with 4 living in every TOKI house, total number of people living in these houses is 11 thousand 280 and this numbers is equivalent of districts like Kabataş, Çamaş, Kabadüz and Gülyalı. Addition to that, some of the TOKI houses are still under construction, this number will reach 15 thousand 580 when the project is completed.

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