Title Deed Fees Went Down To 15 İn 1000

Title Deed Fees Went Down To 15 İn 1000

The title deed fees that get at the rate of 20 per mille in title deed processes will be applied 15 per mille for the houses and work places until 30 September. With regard to the subject, the decision of the Council of Ministers concerning the topic entered into force being published in the Official Gazette.

Minister of Finance Naci Agbal, said ” The title deed fees which receive in total 4 percent as 2 percent of buyers and 2 percent of sellers was reduced to 3 percent until September 30. So we made a reduction at the rate of 25 percent on title deeds. ”


Agbal ” With this arrangement, there will be a revival in the market, especially in housing and work place stocks. According to our estimates, it will cost about 900 million liras to our budget, but under favour of the multiplier effect on the economy, This cost will bring down with the revenues we will have with other taxes ” said.

2,300 People Will Be Taken

Agbal, said about the recruitment of personnel to the ministry: ” We plan to recruitment about 300 tax inspectors. We also have about 2,000 number plans in the income specialization exam. There is also finance expertise and bookkeeping expertise. Our work on these issues is continuing. ”

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