Tıps Of Fındıng A Cheap Rent For Students

With the opening of schools, the apartment search marathon starts at a reasonable price for students who want to rent a house. Negotiation methods and contracting processes make it easier to rent apartments with suitable prices. Beylikdüzü, Esenler, Esenyurt, Pendik and Ümraniye are among the cheapest districts for students.

In the fall, the process of looking for rented apartments for students, with getting close to the new academic year period has also begun. When searching for a flat, there are many tricks for students who give priority to appropriate rent prices. The proposals, such as negotiations, contracts, and the costs of taking care of the house, create a road map for renting houses to students cheaper.


Develop Creative Bargaining Methods

Students who want to rent a house cheaper should pay attention to the most bargaining share. To propose a waiver of the deposit to the landlord, to set the day to pay the rent according to the turnover of the monthly income, or to undertake some housekeeping processes, positively affects the bargaining proposals. Specifying contract dates allows the monthly rent to be reduced. Some homeowners can offer special discounts for long or short term rentals.

Find A Roommate 

The location of the house to be held is one of the most important factors for the rental rate. The prices of the houses in the school district are generally kept low especially for the students. For this reason, at least a month or two before the schools are opened, there must be a discovery tour in that region. If the amount of rent in the region is high, monthly travel expenses should be added to the account and the other districts at certain distances should be evaluated. The payment of house rent, bills and dues in partnership with a roommate alleviates the load on students significantly.


Which Districts Have The Cheapest Rents in Istanbul?

According to Zingat's July 2017 data, Beylikdüzü, Esenler, Esenyurt, Pendik and Ümraniye are the cheapest districts for students looking for a home in Istanbul. According to the report, monthly rents in Beylikdüzü are between 805 TL and 1.341 TL, in Esenler 859 TL and 1.431 TL, in Esenyurt 743 TL and 1.239 TL, in Pendik 912 TL and 1.520 TL and in Ümraniye between 1.047 TL and 1.745 TL.

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