Thıs Week’s Wınner Is Euro

Investors are usually undecided on what to invest their money. The market is not stable, so there could a different leader every week. However, you are lucky if you invested money on Euro this week. Because, on a weekly basis, Euro has the lead this week with 2.55 percent earnings, while stocks traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) earned almost 0.8 percent and gold lost 0.78 percent.


Gold prices continue to fluctuate as usual. Here is the recent situation in gold market, which investors pay close attention to curiously. This week, the sale price of one gram of 24 carat gold bullion dropped by 0.78 percent to 140.80 Liras, and the Republican gold also dropped by 0.84 percent to 942 Liras. The sale price of quarter gold coin, which was 233 Liras previous weekend, decreased to 231 Liras this week.


The individual pension funds stayed stable this week, while mutual funds increased by 0.12 percent in value.

The champion of the week, Euro gained value of 2.55 percent and rose up to 4,021 Liras, while the US dollar had a 0.26 percent increase and closed the week at 4,217 Liras.

By looking at the categories among mutual funds, it is plausible to state that money market funds gave the most this week with 0.23 percent.


No one can guarantee that Euro will continue next week as the number one investment, yet this week it is on top of the things which put a great smile on investors’ faces.






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