There Comes a “jet metro” For The Airport

The minister of transportation Ahmet Arslan said that they will complete the Gayrettepe-The third airport metro line in a very short time.

Stating that the as-build projects of metro line between Gayrettepe and the third airport has been finished, Ahmet Arslan the minister of transportation told that they want to complete the line in a record time after the auction.

Suggesting that %27 of the third airport has been finished, Transport, Maritime affairs and Communication minister Ahmet Arslan said that: “Turkey will go on to develop with its giant projects, invest and raise the welfare of its citizens under any circumstances”

Arslan got information from the authorities and examined the worksite of Istanbul’s new airport. The executive board chairman of Limak Holding Nihat Özdemir,  the CEO of Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Yusuf AKÇAYOĞLU, the representative of the executive board chairman of Limak Holdings Sezai Bacaksız, the executive board chairman of Cengiz Holding Mehmet Cengiz and the other managers accompanied the minister during his visit.

There was a meeting hold between the minister Arslan, the bureaucrats with him and the other officials of the consortium contractor and IGA.

Arslan said that thanks to the visions of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Prime Minister’s clear objectives, they will finish bigger projects and via the the new third airport there will be access to everywhere in the World.

Arslan pointed out that the new airport is a city on its own and stated that 16 thousand people are actively working there and the number will be 30 thousand in the coming year.

2 billion Euro has been spent

Upon a question about when the third airport-Gayrettepe metro line will go out to the tender, Ahmet Arslan said that: “the application projects have been completed. The time will be clear in 15 days and then the line Project will go out to the tender.”

He told that they want to complete it in a very short time in other words in a record time and they tried to do their best for this purpose.

Ahmet Arslan pointed out that %27 of the airport has been completed successfully and the work will go on faster after raising of the worker number in every passing day and thanks to the new work machines.

The executive board chairman of Limak Holding Nihat Özdemir said that in his contact meeting they want to finish the project until the promised day in the fastest way.

Nihat Özdemir stated that: “Now, our project is the world’s biggest project. 16 thousand persons are working and 1500 of the number is the White-collars.” He said that 3 thousand work machines are utilized in the Project and 2 thousand 200 of them are the ones with heavy tonnage.

Özdemir said: “we have spent 2 billion Euro for the first phase of the airport. This equals to %27 of the work.

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