The Turkish Stream Project Has Been Signed

The Turkish Stream agreement which is signed between Turkey and Russia has been approved by Turkish Grand National Assembly before the visits of Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on December 6-7.

National Assembly is accepted project which is adopted this agreement after long speeches early in the morning on Friday. The Prime Minister Yıldırım showed his support to the project via coming Parliament half an hour before from negotiations.




The Turkish Stream gas pipeline project which is expected to cost 19 billion dollars will start from Russia to extend purchased terminal coast of Black Sea of Turkey through the Black Sea. This line will be extended to Greek border from the territory of Turkey.  Turkish Stream Project will consist of two pipelines and each will have 15.75 billion cubic meters’ capacity. Total capacity of this two pipelines will reach 31.5 billion cubic meters annually.

Russian Federation will be made pipelines construction and operation in the sea. One of pipeline in the land will be constructed from “PIPELINE and OIL TRANSPORT COMPANY”. Another pipeline which will carry gases to Europe will constructed and operated from a new company. New company will be established after decision of from two big partnerships company who has 50% portion.

One of pipelines will carry gases to Turkey only. Gas transmission will use Turkish operation system and that means third part country is not able to cut transmission. Turkish Stream Project is been planning to finish within on time.

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