The transition fee of the Izmit Osman Gazi Bridge is 35 Dollars + value added tax

With its 1,550 m span is the Osman Gazi Bridge the 4th biggest drawbridge in the world and the 2,682 long Bridge will be opened for transportation at the end of May. The transition fee of the bridge has been settled to 35 Dollars + value added tax. The citizens will have to pay 120 TL for each vehicle to pass the bridge and with this price it seems that it will be a nominy to be one of the most expensive one of the world.


Here are some of the world’s most famous and longest bridges and their transition fees

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan = 29 Dollars (with its 1991 m span,the longest in the world)
USA Golden Gate Bridge = Its span is 1,200 m and the total lenght is 2,700m.Rapid transition = 6.5 Dollars , 7.5 Dollars from license plate, 7.5 Dollars for the vehicles which have more than one axle.
China – Xihoumen Bridge = Its span is 1650 m,the price is 1,5 Dollar included with its highway.
South Korea – Yi Sun-sin Bridge = Its span is 1545 m and in total 2,260 m. = for free
England – Humber Bridge = Its main span is 1,410 m and in total 2,220 m ,( it costs 2 Dollars until 3.5 tons)
China – Jiangyin Bridge = Its main span is 1385 m and in total 3km long.2,1 Dollars for cars and for trucks 17 Dollars.
Norway Hardanger Bridge = Its longest span is 1,310 m and the fee transition is 18 Dollars until 3.5 tons.
Hong Kong- Tsing Ma Bridge = Its longest span is 1377m and the fee is 3,8 Dollars.
With the highway 25-30 TL ( With an average gasoline vehicle )


If you dont want to use a way with a fee and prefer the highway, then you have to do 82 km.This distance means for an average vehicle with unleaded gasoline about 25-30 TL fuel price.

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