The Stock Market Was Removed From Istanbul Stock

The Ministers Media, which was taken by Borsa Istanbul in the Close Monitoring Market in June of last year, is being exported as of today. The reason for the company’s excretion is that it still can not find an active activity. BIST cited the lack of an active activity of Baknas Media in its “close watch” decision on June 16th.

The ministers’ main contractual amendment to the Capital Markets Board (CMB), which went from printing to operating in the energy sector, was negative in December.


Delayed In The KAP Displays

The Company has not been able to transfer the shares of the management control of Ofen Enerji as previously mentioned. On the other hand, the disclosures of the KAP regarding the process of taking over the bidding of Ozen Enerji and the plant reclamation to Anadolu Enerji were delayed.

No Active Activity

Lastly, BIST squeezed the media out of all this, pointing out that there was no active activity of the company and that this was reflected in the revenue statement of the profit / loss statement dated 31/12/2016.

According to the Istanbul Stock Exchange regulations, companies that have been suspended for a period of more than 1 year may be able to exempt them for reasons other than those that can be accepted by the stock exchange.

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