The Square Meter of Residentals for Sale Has Risen up to 2.512 TL in Turkey!, March 2016 Estate Endex has been revealed. The average price of square meter of residentals for sale rised %10 and becomes 2 thousand and 512 hundred liras. In rental housing, the increase is %12 and the average square is 18 liras. The period of damping is explained as 12 years.

In Istabul, from March 2016 and on, the average square meter price of residentals for sale has reached 3 thousand and 789 liras. The increase is at the rate of %15 in the city. The prices in rental houses have reached 22 liras in square meter with % 9 increase. The panding period was calculated as 14 years in Istanbul.

The prices increased most in Silivri with %6, %5,5 Şile and 4,4 Esenler. The most expensive conties are Beşiktaş with 14.072 TL/ squaremeters, with 8.823 TL/ squaremeter Sarıyer, with 8.277/ squaremeter Beykoz and with 7.833 TL / squaremeters Kadıköy and with 7.715 TL/squaremeters Bakırköy.

In capital city Ankara, the average prices of residentals for sale increased %8 and reached 1 thousand and 656 liras. The prices of rental houses increased %9 and became 9 liras in squaremeter. There is 9 years of panding period in Ankara and the prices reached the most with %4 in county Polatlı.

In İzmir, the prices of residentals for sale reached 2 thousand 250 liras with rise of %20 rate in the last one year. The prices in rental houses increased to 10 lira with %14 rise in squaremeter.

In İzmir where the panding period is 19 years, Seferihisar is the county in which prices rised most. In Seferihisar the prices increased to %10,8 , in Aliağa %7,1, in Tire %4. The most expensive counties  of İzmir are Çeşme with 5.056/squaremeter and 3.107/squaremeter Narlıdere.

In Antalya, residentals for sale prices increased %18 in one year. In the city where the panding period is 18 years reached 800 hundred liras of average  squameter. When the prices of rental houses examined, the annual increase is %2 and the average squaremeter price is 8 liras.

In Bursa, prices of residentals for sale are at the average of 545 liras from March 2016. The rise in rental houses is %23 in Bursa where prices of  residentals for sale are annually %26. In the city where the hires are 7 liras in squaremeter the panding time is 18 years. In Bursa, prices increased most in Gemlik with %4,4 in one month period. ( The source:

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