The Russian firms mainly establish real estate firms in Turkey

The entrance of Russian firms continue. After the plane crisis the Turkish firms had troubles in Russia but the Russian firms still continue to enter Turkey. In the first 2 months of the year were 24 firms established based on Russian capital.┬áThe Russian capitalized firms reached to 96 which were established in the last 8 months and half of them after the plane crisis. In Turkey are still 1.971 Russian capitalized firms active. After the plane hit, the developments like Russia’s economic sanctions and the tension relations between both countries didnt cut the interest of Russian firms for Turkey.

According to the datas of the Ministry of Economics, were 24 new Russian capitalized firms established in the first 2 months of the year. The new firms established between 30 th of June 2015 and 29th of February 2016 are now over 90. As known, the crisis between the both countries occured in November. According to this,dozens of firms were established after the crisis period.
The table of the ‘ foreign capital firms that are active in Turkey’, which are included in International Direct Investment Statistics of the Ministry of Economics, reflects the firms tendencies of the economic relations between Russia and Turkey. The actions of the Turkish firms in Russia are more on the agenda and especially the contracting, but this is just a side of it. The Russian firms in Turkey have also a wide activity area. In almost every sector are firms from the Russian Federation.

According to the distribution of the countries which are active with foreign firms in Turkey, is Russia with more than 1 thousand firms on 6th place among 11 countries, in the data of June 2015. There are more Russian capitalized firms in Turkey than the French, Italian and American ones.

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