The road map has been determined for the urban transformation

The Congress of Urban Transformation and Smart Cities has been held last week. At the opening speech said President Erdogan, that it is time to convert to the horizontal structures and took attention to the smart cities.The bosses of the sector gave hope for the markets.
The Congress of Urban Transformation and the Smart Cities was done last week. The new road map was determined which will contribute 400 million dollars to the economy on the urban transformation marathon. In the Congress where President Erdogan made the opening speech was discussed in detail the urban transformation between the politicians, mayors, the firms which did big projects in construction field, academicians and the industrialists.

3 panels were done in the congress under the control of TOKI and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism in Halic Congress Center.In the panel where the problems of the sector were discussed, were also the strategical approaches for the urban transformation, infrastructure problems,the action plan and the financial models and the private sector’s solution proposals discussed. The answer of the question,” What will be the story of the real estate in the next 10 years with the Urban Transformation?” was searched.A result report was published after the congress. A 1,200 high level guest group of politicians,representatives of the construction and financial sector’s, bureaucrats and local administrators watched together the congress of Urban Transformation and Smart Cities which was hosted by the Board of Directors Deputy Chairman of Turkuvaz Media Group Serhat Albayrak.


The master plan is beginning

The master plan period is beginning in the movement of the urban transformation which continues since 2012.According to the plan, the housing owners will move to the reserve areas while the cities which are taken as a whole,will transformed to public -private partnership.

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