The Real Estate Tax Advantages Of Pensioners

The Turkish government has adopted new amendments to the law relating to tax legislation. These amendments presume fixed rates of property tax, tax benefits for certain categories of the population. This article will consider the benefits that retirees have, according to new amendments to the law on real estate tax.

What Kind Of Retirees Will Not Pay Tax On Real Estate?

Pensioners by age, including those who have monthly payments from the Pension Fund and the Social Security Institute, may have a zero-tax rate for individual residences that do not exceed a size of 200 square meters.


The Pensioner Continues To Work. Should He Pay Tax?

In addition to pension, those who receive additional income must pay property tax. But the situation with interest and income from repo differs. If the interest on the deposit and the repo income (income from immovable capital) received in 2016 is 30,000 TL, this does not remove the advantages of the property tax that is recognized for lump-sum living, and the property tax is not paid in 2017.

Pensioner Is The Owner Of Two Houses

In which case the tax must be paid for both houses. Regardless of whether the total area is less than 200 square meters or more than 200 square meters, it does not matter.

A Pensioner Has His Own Pension And A Pension For The Loss Of A Spouse. Will He Pay Taxes?

In this case, you can use a reduced (zero) property tax.

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