The Real Estate Agents Not Renting to the Foreigners in France

A survey took place in France showed that the real estate agents are acting racist.


“The Tenants Must Be French, not Black”


A few days ago, a sign for a rental house saying, “the tenants must be French, not Black” caused protests.  After the incident, France Info set up a survey with hidden cameras in 12 regions in France. The survey showed that most part of the real estate agents act racist toward foreigners.




For the survey a channel employee went to real estate firms and stated that he wanted to his house, but he wanted to rent the house only to the French citizens, not foreigners. Half of 12 firms agreed on the condition. Moreover, some said, “We already are applying automatic filter. You do not have to express your condition. We got used to it. It has been this way for 7 years. Do not worry.” They added, “Lets add to the advertisement that, only for the official employee. Foreigners cannot apply for the official jobs.”


They Add P.E. to the Advertisement


France Law no 225 states that the discriminating people according to their roots are punished with up to 3 years of jail and 45 thousand Euro fine.


Since 2000, the SOS Racisme society challenging to the discrimination and racism and they conducted the justice by getting discriminator firms fined. In 2005, a firm was punished for the advertisement put the initials P.E. meaning `not foreigner in French`.

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